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Tamarack Writers Group Competition

What?  A writing competition at the middle school level conducted by the Tamarack Writers Group and Lakeview Area News.

Who?  7th and 8th grade students at Central Montcalm Public School, Lakeview Community Schools, Montabella Community Schools, Morley Stanwood Schools, Tri County Area Schools. Home School students may enter as well.  Each student is invited to submit a written response each month.

When? The contest is conducted monthly, with submission dates for each school on the last day of the month.  Pieces from each school will be published in the Lakeview Area News following submission. Deadline dates are as follows:

February 28th, March 31st, April 30th and May 31st.

Submit your writing to

Parameters for the writing Each submission may not exceed 300 words, should address the topic listed below, take a specific stand and support the position with valid evidence and reasoning.  It should be edited.  Suggestions include peer editing and a final teacher edit of the selected piece.

Parameters for school selection of representative pieces Each school will select one piece from the seventh grade and one piece from the eighth grade to represent the school in the newspaper.  Selection criteria can be determined by each local school, but two potential recommended methods are:

  • Use an adult panel of staff members to select the best representation of each grade level based on how the student specifically addresses the prompt and correct use of mechanics, spelling, punctuation, grammar, etc.
  • Use of a student led panel to select the best representation based on the same expectations listed above.

Permission of parent and student blurb Teacher will be responsible for contacting student’s parents for permission to publish their work in the Lakeview Area News.  Also, please submit a short blurb about the student to include with their piece.  Information in this author blurb could include age, parents, hobbies, interests, favorite subject and career interests.

Best Submission Awards At the end of the four month period, the Tamarack Writers Group will select the best submission from all of the submissions for each month for each grade level.  Tamarack Writers will send a certificate and award to the best 7th grade and 8th grade entry.

Potential Ways to Hype the Contest and Student Writing

Local Schools

Put up a display in the hallway or English classrooms to show the winning submissions each month.   Announce local winner in a school-wide announcement or at school assembly/ gathering.

Prepare students for topic, select and edit their writing.

Lakeview Area News

Publish an article about the upcoming competition two weeks prior to the first submission date (which could be read by the English teachers to each class.) Publish student writing in the newspaper.

Tamarack Writers Group

Prepare awards and certificates for winning students.  Hold an author’s exhibition and awards ceremony for all writers who have submitted work at Tamarack District Library.

Tamarack District Library

Continue to host Tamarack Writers Group meetings.  Hold awards ceremony for winners on date to be determined.


February – Is homework good for students?

March – Is texting a valid form of communication?

April – Should schools be allowed to monitor students’ social media?

May – Is video gaming limiting learning?

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