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Moffitt School in Hinton Township, Mecosta County, Michigan

According to the 1900 Plat map of Hinton township as seen below, 5 rural school districts were in use (probably not including Altona).  The numbers of the districts are circled for clarification.  This plat map can be viewed on line through the U of M website. Click here


One of the rural school districts, called the Moffitt School is pictured below. It was thought that the Moffitt school was district number 3 because it was located on the corner of 100th Avenue and 1 Mile Road.  However the sign in the picture below states that it was RSD #4.  In either case, neither school is still standing.

Below is a picture of the Moffitt school dated 1924:


And the following picture is of the Moffitt school during the 1920’s also.  Photo is courtesy of Ray Staffen